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Jay Ryans Posters

Jay Ryan is a Chicago based artist who has been making screen-print posters for indie bands like The Doves, Andrew Bird, Kings of the Crypts, Wolf Parade. This is the just a short list of the artist he has done posters for. I was lucky enough to get to meet him in person and talk with him about his art and how he got started.

He told me how he started out by just doing simple posters for his band and for friend’s bands. When he went to art school he majored in illustration. He has made his mark by word of mouth and he later started his own printmaking company called The Bird Machine. I told him that I was an artist and was trying to get into making posters art for bands and if he had any suggestions. He told me that the best way was to just start talking with people I knew who were in bands and just contacting bands I liked and asking if I could do a poster for them. I’ve had some luck in this but need to take it more serious. I thanked him and he wished me good luck.

His work is very simple but complex at the same time. He doesn’t try to use fancy or flashy images to catch your eye instead he uses one or two images that are subtle but this is what makes you look at them since they have a life to them and vibrancy unlike the majority of ads which are all about being flashy, loud, and colorful. Jay’s work instead is a breath of fresh air, he doesn’t catch your eye because the poster is flashy but because it is simple and to the point. He uses animals and simplified people in his work. The reason for animals is that it lends an ambiguous and universal look to his work. It is much easier to see your self in a mouse reading a book then a guy with a Mohawk reading a book or playing drums. He is one of my role models in the art world today because of his simply but engaging art.

His work can be found here

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